William PFINDER – aka




Son of a guitarist father and a flautist mother, YWILL was rocked by music from an early age. As a teenager, the child of Wazemmes crosses the road of Hip Hop. He won’t get over it. From the first rhymes to the first scenes at the end of the 90s, his passion for Rap took precedence over the rest until it became a philosophy of life.  After years of activism within the group LA JONCTION with which he released 2 albums and totaled more than 200 concerts across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco and Senegal, YWILL delivers us a first album solo. From introspection to openness to the world and from egotrip to poetry, the “Golden Book” reveals the pen and flow of a rapper who has more than one string to his bow and we are not finished talking about him.
In addition to his work as a singer-songwriter, Ywill has always placed great importance on the transmission of his art. His workshops are spaces where the relationship to writing is desacralized, where speech is freed, where we realize that each word is a sound, that each word is a meaning. Spaces where you can familiarize yourself with the few keys necessary for mastering Rap, a mode of expression in its own right.