Born in Roubaix, Sarah Bidaw has been training in various urban dances since the age of 11. She made House Dance her artistic signature.
In 2011, she started competing and participated in many battles. Today there is more than one victory to her credit. In 2016, she was the house finalist of the Hip Opsession battle in Nantes, she won the Nothing2Looz in Japan. Most recently in 2019, she won the Plur Battle in Russia. Sarah was also part of the House Dance selection of Juste Debout Paris in March 2020. At the same time, due to her notoriety, she is invited to the I love this dance event at La Cigale, in Paris, in 2016, or even, as a performer at the Louvre Lens, in 2019.
Today, she performs regularly on stage at the Cie Corpeaurelles with the show Au Fil du Temps and with the creation of her first solo, AL WARDA as a tribute to her roots.
Sarah also conveys a lot to audiences of beginners and beginners alike. It is important for her to bring together in these workshops the best possible conditions to allow bodily expression, pleasure and emancipation of the participants.