Master of Ceremonies of the Hip Hop Games, Philemon is also author, composer and performer, he travels from Hip Hop to Soul through Jazz and Afro-Caribbean sounds. He handles rap and song with equal ease.


A surprising spontaneity, a melodic sense, a confusing ability to unite around melancholy-playful refrains, Philemon is gradually emerging from the shadows. Today he has the esteem of his peers who have done him the honor of playing the game of recording a duet album on which we count in particular the participation of Diam’s, Mc Solaar, Disiz la Peste… Philemon also premiered Zazie, Kanye West and Busta Rhymes on stage.


He enjoys rock-solid credibility as winner of Mc’s most prestigious battles (Become the King, End of the weak …) and seduces both the Hip Hop public and Soul lovers.


His art is not limited to music, he directs and composes musicals (“The Wizard of Oz”), produces music videos and has notably studied cinema. In addition to its wide artistic range, he collaborates with the dance community, in particular with recognized dancers such as Wanted Posse, the Twins, or even Skorpion.


His work is also oriented towards the young generation, which has earned him to participate in various programs aimed at young talents, among others in Disney Channel programs as a vocal coach or choreographer.