James is weird. And like many weird people, he decided to make it a force and to express it in art.
James raps and sings half-cynical, half-grape (ok that’s a really great joke in French totally impossible to translate….but i’ll keep it here anyway!) texts like Nougaro, Oxmo, Solaar or Vian inspires him to jazz, hip hop or soul beats. Through this resolutely live music, perfect for the velvet of his voice, he imagines a dystopian world where sadness is so beautiful that it deserves to be praised. As if the Muses had lost all gaiety but retained a strange humor. First degrees refrain, with James we celebrate this slow death that is life and we exorcise our worries. You are  very welcome.
On stage James is accompanied by his formation, Die Toten Katzen, composed of Xavier Pernet on drums, Jonas Umbdenstock on bass, Charles Jankowski on keyboards and Sabrina Belmo, Clara Bankks and Eleonore Bercq on chorus.