2015 HHG winners 

YUDAT – for “Y A Un Debut à Tout” – created in 2003 is a crew of 12 hip hop dancers from Villiers-sur-Marne. The tight-knit artistic family that is Yudat draws its energy and inspiration from African tribal dances, as well as contemporary, urban, jazz and rock dances etc. Their mastery of hip hop, house, electro, break gives them an incredible diversity and choreographic palette.


From their beginnings, the group has set all the dancefloors of the French capital on fire. Later, we hear about them in the underground world where they impose a dance of their own. Today, they enjoy a deserved international fame for their performances in important competitions and hip hop battles: Juste Debout, H Quality France, Hip Hop Games, Master Cup China, Ism Battle Thailand, Hip Hop Forever Holland, WOD Great Britain, World Dance Colleseum Japan, Fusion Concept Germany, etc.


They are now embarking on a first creation choreographed by Jimmy Zelou and continue to start new projects …