Andry Charles


Obsessed by the art of giving life to his artistic sensibility and above all passionate about drawing, Andry is an illustrator, graphic designer and 2D / 3D animator. Lifelong music lover, his urban past naturally led him to explore Hip Hop culture via the world of dance, where he exercises his skills as a motion designer / videographer and VJ on stage.


He meets Philémon, MC of the HIP HOP GAMES troupe in 2008 and Romuald Brizolier via a collaboration with the Juste Debout School in 2010. After making the poster for RAF City’z, a major piece of the choreographer, collaborations follow one another and Andry becomes the designer of all the visuals HIP HOP GAMES communication team and joined the troupe to become the official VJ of HHG. True magician of image and digital, he is now animation supervisor at Method Animations (Miraculous LadyBug, Denver, Super4 – Playmobil …).

At the same time, his talent for the image allows him to projects with Cergy Original floor 1, Homarpayette, but also to shoot clips with the Rookies and the creation of logos for various actors and dance activists of hip hop (Madrootz, Baddogz, Sunu Street …).


Driven by the idea that creation remains unchallenged, he now carries out actions to transmit his expertise in image and animation, which is very important to him.



Créations 2D

Créations 3D